"Our goal is to foster a cohesive community by connecting with our residents to create a
safe, healthy and enjoyable neighbourhood."
Kincora Residents Association (HOA)

Important Community Contact Information...

Kincora Residents Association (KRA)
Contact:C-Era Property Management
Address:Suite B, 6010 - 12th St. SE
 Calgary, AB  T2H 2X2
Notes:The Kincora Residents Association is a community-run, non-profit organization responsible for maintaining green spaces and landscaping for Kincora. The KRA is managed by residents of Kincora who volunteer their time for the betterment of the community along with C-Era Property Management for day to day management.

Please be aware the KRA and KCA boundaries are not the same and you are bound to the KRA home owners association by title on your home if you are within their boundaries.

Visit www.kincoraresidents.org for more information.

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