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Opt - In to Community Email Distribution
Date:  2/8/2017

Do You Get Community Emails?

You do not have to purchase a community association membership to get emails, registering for an account is free! Once you create an account on this site, we have the ability to send an email to you, but you must opt in to receive any emails from us about the community. Emails are only sent when we communicate something that we believe would be of interest to you – typically this is an average of two per month.

If you have ever paid the $20 Community Association fee, then we will have an account for you. To get your User ID and Password, email kca.member@gmail.com.

Here’s how to setup your Email Options on your website account:

1. Visit kincora.org

2. Login to your account using the login & password that was provided to you via email if we created your account for you. (It is likely login=last name, password=membership number). Or this is a login & password you created yourself after you registered on the website.

3. Go to Members >>> Profile >>> Email Options

4. Check off “I want to receive special emails sent to all members from the webmaster.” You can also control if/when you are notified of other website activities in this section, like when news or calendar items have been added to the site.

If you have any questions about your account or email settings, or need help finding out your login or password, please email kca.member@gmail.com .

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