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This is the Official Facebook Page for the Kincora Community Association. The Kincora Community Association was formed in July 2008 by residents of the Kincora Community. Membership is voluntary but only those with paid up memberships are members. The Kincora Community Association is made up of volunteers who organize, manage and direct social and recreational events in the community. Kincora is located in Northwest Calgary. A beautiful area with 120 acres of park and Environmental Reserve. The name and design of the development derives from the story of Brian Boru, Ireland's legendary High King. Therefore, Kincora has a Celtic theme including the Kincora tower, stone entry wall, lantern street lights, and many more features.
Kincora Community Association
Kincora Community Association
Dear Kincora volunteers,

Welcome to 2020! We hope this year has been good to you so far.

Our first event of the year is the Winter Festival on Sunday February 23rd from 1:00 – 4:00 pm. It will be held on the Kincora fields by the Symons Valley United Church. This fun family event offers free skate and helmet rentals, hot dogs, hot chocolate and a horse pulled sleigh ride around the field.

I am writing because we are in need of seven volunteers for the event.

If you are available, please reply to kca.volunteers@gmail.com as soon as possible with your position preference, so I can do my best to get you in that spot. Tweens and teens are encouraged to volunteer as well; and as always, volunteer reference letters will be provided upon request.

(2 spots) Sleigh ride line management – this person would assist with keeping an orderly lineup, to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance to ride. Duties include standing where the horses’ pickup/drop off, and ensuring that everyone is safely off the sleigh, before new people try to get on.

(3 spots) Skate shack assistant – The skate shack is a mobile trailer parked on the field and is filled with shelves of skates, in all different sizes. We need one or two people outside the trailer asking people what size of skates they require and taking the skates back when they’re done, and one person inside who will take, and then return, the skates to the proper spot in the trailer.

(1-2 spots) – Skate lace helpers – It’s hard to imagine, but some people haven’t had very many opportunities to try skating. If you are good at helping tie up skates, mostly for small kids, your help would be sincerely appreciated.

Thanks for considering, and if you aren’t able to volunteer, we still hope you can attend the event! 😊

Kincora Community Association
Kincora Community Association
Kincora Community Association
Our Connect- ‘Coffee & Conversation are fun to participate, Please join us for another session on Wednesday, Feb 5th (10 AM -12 PM) Symons Valley United Church
Kincora Community Association
Kincora Community Association
The only official community soccer program with FC Metro is open again for registration. This is the sponsored programs of Kincora, Nolan Hill, Sage Hill, and Sherwood Community Associations.

Licensed, Insured, professional & certified Coaches and staff and no parental volunteering required!

Register at https://fcmetro.com/fc-metro-programs/grassroots-2020/

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Kincora Community Association
Kincora Community Association
A message from the KRA;

"Greetings from the Kincora Residents Association,

We hope this message finds you well. The homeowners packages will be mailed to houses located within the KRA boundary during the month of March. You can expect to receive your 2020 invoice as well as the details of any outstanding fees that might be accruing on your title from previous years. If you haven’t received your invoice by the end of March, please contact our community property management company C-Era to request it. gail@cerapm.com or (403) 266-0240.

Annual fee payment is due by April 30, 2020.

This year, in addition to the existing payment options of cheque or in-person, payments can now be made by e-transfer. Email address details for the transfer will be included in the package you receive in the mail.

Kincora Residents Association
C/O C-Era Property Management
B – 6010 12th St SE
Calgary, AB T2H 2X2

Please note that in-person payments made with a debit or credit card will have a 2% surcharge added by C-Era.

The KRA appreciates the effort on the part of all homeowners to maintain their account in good standing at all times. Overdue accounts will be forwarded to a lawyer for collections, and any legal fees incurred through this process will also be the responsibility of the homeowner.

Your annual fees are directed towards landscaping and maintenance of the entrance features, green spaces, the gazebo and the tower. We do not have any oversight of the ravines or pathways throughout these areas; which are controlled by the City of Calgary.

Please note that the fees are not the same as the optional $20 annual Kincora Community Association (KCA) membership; which is used to help support community events such as the Stampede Breakfast, the Winter Festival and the Easter egg hunt.

Our goal is to keep Kincora among the best communities in the city. Please reach out to us with any questions, suggestions or feedback. Kincora.residents.association@outlook.com

The 2019-20 Kincora Residents Association Board"
Kincora Community Association
Kincora Community Association
Here is our monthly newsletter, Kincora news - February 2020


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