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The Kincora Community Association (KCA) was formed in July 2008 as a way for community members to engage and participate in their local neighbourhood.

The KCA is led by a board made up of volunteers who organize, manage and direct social and recreational events in our community. KCA membership is voluntary and runs on a yearly basis, the yearly fee is $20. The KCA acts as a mediator in civic matters with the City of Calgary, the Province and other Community Groups.

The KCA is always looking for feedback and volunteers in and around our community.

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Kincora Home

Hi Kincora,
The Kincora Community Association (KCA) and Kincora Residents Association (KRA) are both volunteer organizations run by your community neighbours. Both boards have openings for mid-year members to join. Volunteering in your local community is the easiest place to see your work reflect your day-to-day life.
The KCA runs our social events, works with the City, Province, and Federal government on matters that affect us. Keep tabs with our Neighbourhood Partnership Coordinator through the City. As well as our monthly report from our neighbourhood CPS officer. We have a number of roles available however as we are looking for multiple board members we can bring you on as a “Director at Large” to ensure you find a title you would be engaged with. Please contact our President Travis Merrick to discuss any questions or if you’d be interested in joining us.

Kincora Resident Association

Hi Kincora,
The KRA is the Homeowners Association that oversees Southern Kincora, if you pay the $200 yearly fee you are apart of the HOA. That board manages the landscaping, tower, gazebo, flowers, entrance feature, seasonal lights, as well as larger projects that will improve the community. That board is down to a very sparse five members and could used upto four more. To be eligible you must be a homeowner with your dues fully paid. Please contact the KRA President Annette Hall for details.

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Did you know? The Rink Maintenance Budget is approximately $3,000 a year and that does not include hundreds of volunteer hours.


Please support the KCA by purchasing your yearly membership to support our community initiatives.
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Our official monthly local newsletter provided by Great News Publishing. This features updates from our Board, the KRA board, Ward 2 City Councillor, our local Member of the Legislative Assembly, and our current Member of Parliament. Along with local business advertisements you can see community announcements and events as well.

Kincora Tower

KCA Membership

Your $20 donation to become an annual member of the KCA is a great investment in your local neighbourhood. Not only do you get the benefit of free or reduced costs to all of our events but you also support the board in making the community one of the best in Calgary.

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