About Us

What is our Mission Statement?


Our goal is to foster a cohesive community by connecting with our residents to create a safe, healthy and enjoyable neighbourhood.

What do I need to know about the KCA?

The Kincora Community Association is a volunteer group headed by a board who come from the local neighbourhood. They commit time to help develop a better and more welcoming community.

Although very similar in name, we are separate from the Residents Association. See those details below.

Our board serves one-year terms with nominations of the board taking place at the Annual General Meeting in March or April of each year.

Meet the Current KCA Board

We love to hear feedback from the Community on how we can help Kincora!


What's the difference between the KCA and KRA?

The Kincora Community Association (KCA) is a separate group from the Kincora Residents Association (KRA). The Community Association has a number of responsibilities related to enhancing a family-oriented lifestyle and the value of our homes and Community. These include the Community Newsletter, Stampede Breakfast, Community Cleanup and other social activities throughout the year. The two Associations work closely together to ensure that Community concerns are managed efficiently and effectively.

The borders of the two Associations do however vary slightly, with the KCA being the larger area. Wherein the KRA participation is a legal encumbrance within their boundaries the KCA is a fully voluntary group to join. KincoraResidents.org

However we very much appreciate your support when you do!

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