Meet the Board of Directors


KCA Board (2021 - 2022)

The KCA board is your neighbours volunteering to make the community a better place. Although all board positions are defined the group is expected to wear many hats and help wherever they can throughout the year!


Travis Merrick

The President is responsible for the co-ordination of the overall functions of the Board and to delegate duties accordingly. Chairs all meetings of the Association and Board of Directors.
Picture - Neila Ben Amar

Neila Ben Amar

The Secretary attends all meetings of the Association and the Board to take and keep accurate minutes and to distribute that information as requested.

Gurmeet Sidhu

Director of Communication
The Director of Communication coordinates our signage, newsletter, Facebook, and website with the activities the board has underway and ensures we remain a community facing organization.

Chad Rowe

Director of Stampede
Director of Stampede looks after the Stampede breakfast event and sponsorships.
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Shannon Tompkins

First Vice-President
The First Vice-President assists the President in the discharge of their duties and Chairs at all meetings in the President's absence.

Murray Stene

The Treasurer ensures that all monies paid to the Association are deposited in a financial institution covered by insurance as chosen by the Board. The Treasurer also promptly accounts for the funds of the Association and keeps such books as may be required.

Stephen MacDonald

Director of Website
Manages the boards online presence and website

Annie Chio

Director At Large

Brad Theissan

Chair of Outdoor Rink

Kris McPherson

Second Vice-President, Director of SVP
Representing the KCA on the Symons Valley Park board, Kris is a liaison between the KCA and SVP Boards.

Dicky Sum

Director of Membership
The Director of Membership manages the KCA membership list, along with coordinating with members for renewal and initial registration.

Mallika Velamuri

Director At Large

Charles Zhang

Director At Large
The Director of Events helps plan and organize KCA events and activities.
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