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Benefits of KCA Membership

  • An opportunity to become involved in the Kincora Community and assist in the development and operation of the Association.
  • Be kept up to date on what's happening in your community and surrounding areas. Members that wish to be informed and kept up to date will be put onto an email list and will automatically receive updates.
  • Get to know, meet, and work with other people in your community as you make new friends. As a member you can also receive money from the City of Calgary to host a block party through us!
  • A chance to participate in the various programs that the Association has to offer and enjoy some leisure time with your family and friends. Depending upon the event members may receive discounted pricing and priority sequencing.
  • Help make Kincora a safer place to live for people of all ages by getting to know your neighbours and watching out for others.
  • Everyone has different skills and abilities and the KCA is an opportunity to put your talents into practice through volunteering and working with others.
  • Have some input in to how your community grows. The KCA can serve as a platform to voice your thoughts and ideas on issues such as urban planning, safety, the environment or other items that affect our community.
  • The City of Calgary sports programs require that anyone participating in organized sports must have a community association membership.
  • In the end, your membership makes your community a healthy and attractive place to live, maintain and hopefully increase property values.
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