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What's the benefit to being a member?

  • Become involved in the Community and assist in the development and operation of the Association.
  • Be kept up to date on what's happening in your Community and surrounding areas. Members that wish to be informed can enroll in our email newsletters.
  • Get to know, meet, volunteer and work with other people in your Community. 
  • Members can expect to receive discounted pricing and priority sequencing for events and activities.
  • Help make Kincora a safer place to live for people of all ages by getting to know your neighbours and watching out for others.
  • Everyone has different skills and abilities and the KCA is an opportunity to put your talents into practice through volunteering and working with others.
  • Have some input in to how your Community grows. The KCA can serve as a platform to voice your thoughts and ideas on issues such as urban planning, safety, the environment or other items that affect our Community.
  • The City of Calgary sports programs require that anyone participating in organized sports must have a Community Association membership.
  • In the end your membership makes your Community a healthy and attractive place to live.
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